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Back when we started in 2010 under the name Kindakeskus we were selling work gloves right out of our laps. Today we are Corpowear, one of the largest sellers of personal protection equipment in Estonia. We offer customers almost everything, from gloves to work clothes and dispensaries. And our portfolio keeps growing.

We used to tend just to private companies but now we have turned our attention to retail customers as well. Our Online Store sends out thousands of products in a day. We have shops in Tartu and Tallinn. Not at all limited by Estonia, we also work with our closest neighbors, Finland and Latvia.

We have customer focus written in our DNA. This means we are always facing the customer. Corpowear minces no big words — instead we offer the customer what they need. Be it a large industry or a small enterprise, a containerful or three pairs of gloves. We will deliver!

We aim to be fast and flexible. We don’t work in a field of traditional start-ups but we certainly share the mentality. We think, act and grow fast. Perhaps that is the reason Äripäev has chosen us for three consecutive years to be among the Gazelles or fastest growing companies. If a customer has an issue or needs advice, we answer in a manner of hours.

We work hard so our customers can feel safe and cared for at their place of work. To that end we offer only high quality protective gear and work clothes. Our wide network of trustworthy partners helps us deliver on that promise. We enjoy excellent relations with suppliers which means we can fulfil the customers needs even at dire and uncertain times.

We are honest and transparent. Even during the COVID-19 crisis we have guaranteed a sensible price of protective gear so that lifesaving equipment is available to all.

Corpowear values environment and green thinking. We are constantly thinking how the green revolution wouldn’t be just a fancy word but instead would entail a concrete plan of action and specific steps. The ecological footprint should not reduce just on paper but in reality as well.


Feel free to contact our sales managers to get an offer:

Jan Jaanimäe / jan@corpowear.com / +372 5333 2331

Jaanus Kunts / jaanus@corpowear.com / +372 5814 9566

Maarja Sepp / maarja@corpowear.com /+372 5341 3473

Marja Silm / marja@corpowear.com / +372 5344 9162


Latvian sales representative (LV, ENG, RUS):

Ligita Kviese / ligita@corpowear.com / +371 2002 2010


Finnish sales representative (FIN, EST, ENG):

Kristi Laur / kristi@corpowear.com / +358 408 443 001


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+372 5880 4787