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In 2010, we started selling work gloves in Tartu under the name Kindakeskus.

Today, we have become Corpowear – one of the largest sellers of personal protective equipment in Estonia. We offer the customer almost everything, from gloves to work clothes and vending machines, and our product portfolio is constantly growing.

In the past, we only served companies, but now we have turned our face to the retail client as well. Thousands of products are shipped from our webstore every day. We have representative stores in Tartu and Tallinn, and we have also expanded to the markets of Estonia’s immediate neighbors, Finland and Latvia.

Customer focus has been written into our DNA from the beginning. We try to find the best solution for each customer, whether it is a large industry or a small company – we help out! If the customer has a concern or simply wants to ask us for advice, we will respond within a couple of hours.

Our goal is to be fast and flexible. We do not operate in the usual start-up field, but our way of thinking is very start-up. We think fast, act fast and grow fast. It may be for this reason that Äripäev has chosen us among the Gazelles, i.e. the fastest growing companies, three years in a row.

We work to ensure that our customers feel safe and are kept on the job. That’s why we only offer high-quality personal protective equipment and work clothes. This is ensured by our large and reliable circle of cooperation partners. Thanks to very good supply relations, we are able to get what the customer needs even in difficult times.

We are honest and transparent. It is important for us that vital goods are available to everyone – that is why we ensured a reasonable price for personal protective equipment even during the corona crisis.

Corpowear values the environment and green thinking. We are constantly trying to figure out how the green turn would not only be a nice phrase, but also carry a concrete action plan and real steps. The ecological footprint must be reduced in real life, not on paper – and what have we done about it? We use Pack From Nature compostable packaging and we use paper tape instead of plastic tape. We avoid unnecessary filler material and overpacking. We recycle the cardboard boxes that reach us as much as possible – so don’t be surprised if the goods arrive in a slightly older cardboard box. When orders are carefully assembled, DPD delivers them carbon neutrally. In addition to warehouses, the office also contributes: we sort garbage, save electricity and water. All our lovely team members naturally contribute to recycling in their private lives too, be it clothes, furniture or something else.


You can learn more about what Corpowear does on our LinkedIn profile, Facebook and Instagram.

By the way, you can also find several exciting interviews that our CEO Taavi Sepp has given in recent years on LinkedIn.

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Feel free to contact our sales managers to get an offer:

Jan Jaanimäe / jan@corpowear.com / +372 5333 2331

Jaanus Kunts / jaanus@corpowear.com / +372 5814 9566

Maarja Sepp / maarja@corpowear.com /+372 5341 3473

Marja Silm / marja@corpowear.com / +372 5344 9162


Sales representative in Latvia (LV, ENG, RUS)

Ligita Kviese / ligita@corpowear.com / +371 2002 2010


Sales representative in Finland (FIN, EST, ENG)

Kristi Laur / kristi@corpowear.com / +358 408 443 001


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